Porting A Game of Numbers
April 12th, 2014 by Joe

I have started the process of porting ‘A Game of Numbers’ to Windows 8 Store interface. I’m using Monogame to do the port, and it should be relatively easy, as I used monogame for the Mac and Linux builds, but the version of .NET you have to use is very different and requires a lot of code changes.

I also have been very negligent about posting here more often. I just have been suffering from some serious game development burnout and haven’t really been working on anything. I’m hoping getting a Win8 version might give me a little jump start, but who knows.

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  • phil writes:
    May 5th, 20142:18 amat

    Yo, we all get burnt out sometimes. But you goota fight through. At the end of the dark rainbow lies a wonderful treasure trove of video gamemaking goodness. Anyways, I’m curious to see what win8 development is like.

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