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  • TCBloo writes:
    August 14th, 201312:03 amat

    Hey, I just played the web version of your game. It was a lot of fun. Reminds me of the devious simplicity of Chip’s Challenge.

  • Mikkel writes:
    August 16th, 20138:50 amat

    Having problems. In newest FF I can play through first level, but then it just stalls, never exiting the level.

    In Chrome the game loads, but first screen is never shown (“to my wife…”).

    I’m on OSX 10.8.4


  • Mélanie writes:
    August 24th, 20137:34 pmat

    Great game, congratulation, but in the level we have to divide 10 by 10. And the result is 0, but 10/10=1.
    It’s my only problem, the idea of this game is really great, i will use it with my students. (Sorry for my langage i’m not English)

  • Joe writes:
    August 26th, 20131:03 pmat

    Hey Melanie, glad you liked the game!

    For that level that you mention, it is actually doing a modulus operation. The modulus operation returns the remainder of a division, so in that case 10 % 10 is 0, as there is no remainder. It’s not really explained very well in the Web Demo.

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    August 30th, 20137:53 amat

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  • Andrew writes:
    August 31st, 20135:09 pmat

    I’ve already said this, but I love this game. Thanks again, Joe, for making it.

  • Ariela writes:
    September 9th, 201310:27 pmat

    wow! this game is very fun! yet it gets starts to get harder and harder after each level!

  • Ariela Z writes:
    October 2nd, 201310:25 pmat

    I Really like this game, I like how it starts to get harder and harder, and makes you think more and more the further you go on this game.

  • Kiana writes:
    October 30th, 20139:23 amat

    This game really makes you think! I like how it get progressively harder

  • April writes:
    September 6th, 201512:52 pmat

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