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Nov 15th, 2013 by Joe

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Plans for February
Jan 24th, 2013 by Joe

I’ve decided that my alpha for grab the loot and run is going to have to wait for a while. It’s just not ready to be released and my motivation for working on it is zero. I’ve decided to take a break and participate in OneGameAMonth in February and try to make something smaller. Although time will be hard to come because I am purchasing a house and will be moving and doing various home related projects.

In the mean time I’ve been brainstorming ideas for what to work on in February. I think I’m going to make an RPG crossed with Oregon trail. I guess a little bit like FTL but less management and more RPG like. I’m also going to try to target phone devices for this. It seems like the simple kind of game that would be great to have on a phone as a time waster.

Guardian Statues
Jan 5th, 2013 by Joe

So awhile back I added buffs to the game. They are pretty huge bonuses that apply to various parts of the game. Some for damage, some for defense, some for health, ect. The only problem is that I couldn’t come up with a good way for the player to earn them during gameplay. I originally was planning some kind of an item that would grant them, like some kind of a deck or card. This would be good because it would allow them to be identified before hand if a player didn’t want to risk getting a curse (negative buff). I decided against that and instead gone with an idea that these mysterious guardian statues found within the game will grant you buffs or curses. When you encounter them, they will request an item. You can give them the item and you will be blessed with a buff. If you happen to give them an item they didn’t ask for, you will receive a curse (This will probably only happen in the case where the item is unidentified and you guess incorrectly). I’m not sure how well this system will work, but I’ll give it a try for the upcoming alpha and see what people think.


I have also managed to complete the Highscore code. The game will feature global highscore list so anytime you can play you will be able to compare your score to all the scores that day, week, month, and all time. It’s basically the same code and backend I used for BubbleTime, but I updated the server stuff a little bit.

Another thing that I have changed for the alpha is that you select your weapon and armor before you start playing and you don’t find any other weapon in the dungeon. I’m not completely dedicated to a system like this, but it was the simplest way of doing it. It works pretty well, but I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to balance all the combinations appropriately.

Screenshot Saturday
Nov 30th, 2012 by Joe

A shot of the new Stats Display. Shows the calculations for your attack and defense. Also displays current buffs as well as kills.


Day 2
Nov 24th, 2012 by Joe

I got quite a bit done on day 2.

  • Finished implementing all of the remaining buffs
  • Added around 10 additional enemies to the game

My goals for day 3 are to put it all together with some UI elements

  • UI Screen for consuming buffs
  • UI Screen for stats
  • Overlay for hovering over buff icons?
Day 1
Nov 23rd, 2012 by Joe

Quick update of all that I have gotten done in the last few hours.

  • Initial Buff System in place
  • Fixed a pretty major bug that require some architecture change
  • Started implementing several of the Buffs

Just playing around with the Buff system I already like it and think that opens up many play styles. I’ll write up a detailed post about how it works sometime this weekend. Tomorrow I hope to implement all the rest of the Buffs and finish the associated UI. I also decided that I need a stats screen that shows all the details behind the numbers (Attack and Defense). For the most part the game is pretty simple, but a stats screen would be beneficial to a beginner.

Thanksgiving Programming Fest
Nov 21st, 2012 by Joe

I am planning on having an intensive programming fest over the Thanksgiving break to make some progress on Grab the Loot and Run. I have been a little burnt out on the project recently and have instead been working on a couple side projects. From time to time, I find it helpful to step back and work on something else in order to keep some perspective. I’m now feeling more motivated and ready to push through some more GTLAR development. Here is just a short list of the things that I will be trying to get done over this break:

  • Buff System – I haven’t released any information about this yet, but it is going to be a key part of the game. Maybe there will be a post about it soon.
  • Content – Try to get all the enemies in place. The goal is for the game to be playable all the way through. Currently enemies only populate through level 20.
  • Distinguish Weapons – Implement my ideas for distinction of weapons. The goal is that all the weapon types are viable and have their own play style.

This probably doesn’t seem like a lot, but if I could manage to get this done over this weekend it would be amazing. I’ll be posting a daily summary of my work as well, mainly because it seems to keep me motivated and working hard. My first post will be on Thursday night, as I probably won’t end up doing a whole lot of work tonight.

Screenshot Saturday
Oct 26th, 2012 by Joe

Here is look at what the Scroll of Mapping looks like:


Another character has been added to the hub, the enchantress:


Also I have slightly tweaked the color scheme for the Ascii Mode:


Replays are functional!!!!
Oct 24th, 2012 by Joe

Like the title states, replays are functional. You can play through a game and upon your death a replay file will be saved that can be played back. It took a couple days to implement, but it was really fun development because I have never done anything quite like this.

The replay file is basically just a log of keypresses, with there being a couple special scenarios. When loaded the game switches out the main input class with a dummy one that looks for specific replay keys, which at this moment is just the arrow key, but there could be more in the future (fast forward, next floor, ect). When the dummy input class receives a keypress that indicates that it should advance a turn, it reads the next key from the replay and passes itself to the regular input function.

I don’t do this often, but I’ll do a little code breakdown because for some reason I thought this code was pretty cool. To start with, all input is read through the IInputProvider interface. This interface only requires one method: bool KeyPress(Keys key), that check if a key is currently pressed.

interface IInputProvider
    bool KeyPress(Keys key);

The game primarily uses a implementation of this interface called Controls (very original name, right?) that gets input from the keyboard. I also have a ReplayManager class that handles loading the replay and keeping all data associated with a replay. The cool thing is that this class also implements the IInputProvider interface and can be used to provide input, obviously from the replay. Here is the bit of code that handles input.

public override void HandleInput(Controls Controls)
    IInputProvider C = Controls;

    if (Globals.Mode == GameMode.Replay)
        if (C.KeyPress(Keys.Right))
             Globals.RecordingManager.Advance(); //Advance replay to next Key
                 C = Globals.RecordingManager; //Override the controller with recording manager.
            return; //If no key is pressed then we do not do anything.

    //Rest of the Input Code for the game (AKA The actual game)


There was a lot more code needed to get it all working, but for the most part this was the main switch that got it all working seamlessly. It was fun designing this and implementing it in a nice way that doesn’t feel like a huge hack at all.

Screenshot Saturday
Oct 5th, 2012 by Joe

I posted a couple screenshots on twitter and thought I would post them here. I’ve been working on a Ascii Mode because I know some people prefer their roguelikes like that. Here is what it is currently looking like. I haven’t done the Ascii for items or enemies yet, but that will be coming soon. I actually kinda like the mix of Ascii tiles and graphical items and enemies, I’ll probably allow that as an option.



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