The Tileset Challenge
Apr 22nd, 2013 by Joe

I’m still working on the platformer that I referenced in the last post, but I’ve kinda changed it up to make a lot less of a sandbox type game. The way I’m thinking now is that it will be a metroidvania with specific zones that are open to you to mess around with the terrain and place objects. If you ever played Dark Cloud on the PS2, it has similar elements. You would go into a dungeon and find various pieces of the town and then you could build them wherever you wanted. At least that is the plan. In some ways this project is now becoming a nod to an old project that I used to work on titled Xploration. It’s not going to be the same project, but it will have some of the same elements and possibly use some of the same art assets.

As a result of that, I’m trying to improve my ability to create tilesets. I’ve started doing a daily challenge where I will create a small scene that demonstrates a portion of a tileset. It obviously isn’t going to be a while tileset, but just enough to get a taste of the tileset. For me this generally includes the core tiles and a couple flavor tiles that give a little more detail. I don’t know how long I will keep doing it, but I’m going try to keep it going for a while. I will be posting the scene on twitter everyday and encourage anyone who would like to participate by posting on twitter with the #TilesetChallenge hashtag. It would be cool if a couple began doing it and we could provide feedback for each other. Here are the scenes that I made the past week up until Sunday.

My goal from doing this is to get better at making tilesets that convey a theme. I will be using mostly 16×16 tiles and trying to limit the colors to around 7 or less. I’m also going to be trying to mix up the primary colors that I use, so some of them might end up looking pretty stupid. For instance, today’s scene has some reddish grass and a green sky, but it seems to kinda work.

Made a New Font
Mar 18th, 2012 by Joe

I’ve been working on my roguelike recently and decided that I needed to switch to a font that included lowercase character. I’ve never made a font with lowercase characters before and it took a little experimentation to get everything looking good.


Overall I think it came out pretty good.

Running Animation
Feb 14th, 2012 by Joe

I’ve been working on a running animation recently. I haven’t worked on the upper body yet, but I like how the legs work. My usual method of leg animation is to make it look real busy and fast so it kind of has the illusion of running, but really it is just garbage. This time I actually researched how it should be done and tried to do it myself. I think it looks pretty decent.


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