Aug 25th, 2011 by Joe

I’m currently in class and I’m just been drawing some random stuff using GIMP. First I started drawing some top down graphics for a turret defense game that I want to make, but then I transitioned to a platformer tileset. Maybe I should make a really small platformer game using the Xploration Engine.


May 16th, 2011 by Joe

I have finished my game.

You can download Bubble Time here: Download

I plan on writing a much more thorough post about the whole weekend a little bit later. I also made a timelapse, here is the link.

May 15th, 2011 by Joe

My game is now functionally complete in that you can open the game, see a menu, click to play a game, play until you die, and then be taken back to the menu. The two big things that I have left to do are to add sound to the game and to add a couple more enemies. Then everything else is just kind of superficial stuff that will make it play a little nicer (Particle effects, hit animations, multiple tilesets). Here is a screenshot of the main menu.


May 15th, 2011 by Joe

It’s late and I’m tired, so I’ll be going to bed. I’ve worked on my game for the past few hours. I have gotten the AI Director working for the most part. I would like to redesign it a little bit, but I’ll probably just have to stick with how it is now because I have too much other stuff to complete. My AI director has a static collection of possible waves (defined by me). These waves have details about when they can be spawned, where they can be spawned, and several other things. The director just spawns waves on a somewhat random interval based upon previous waves that have been spawned. This system would work well if there were a whole lot of enemies, but I only have 3 good enemies complete. I probably will try to finish a couple more enemies. Here is a screenshot of a bug in the director caused it to spawn  waves nonstop.


May 14th, 2011 by Joe

I’ve gotten a lot of work done today and it is coming along great. I’ve pretty much moved the game into the dual stick shooter genre. Basically you are a bubble and must avoid everything. You can use WASD for movement, but that has very slow acceleration. The best way to navigate is shoot smaller bubbles by clicking the mouse. Whenever you shoot, you are propelled in the opposite direction of where you are aimed. This method of propulsion is more effective but also more dangerous because you don’t have as much control. You also need to utilize the bubble shooting functionality to kill enemies. Here are a couple screenshots:




The next big part that is remaining is the AI Director, which is basically the logic that is going to be spawning progressively more difficult enemies. Here is what I have left to do:

  • Power ups
  • AI Director
  • Menu?
  • Score
  • Lives?
  • More Enemies
  • More Bullet Patterns
  • If I have time, more tilesets
  • Background graphics
  • Music
  • Sound Effects for various things
  • Lots of things that I forgot to list or that I won’t realize until it’s too late

Well, I’m gong to be taking a break for while.

Work has begun
May 13th, 2011 by Joe

I didn’t plan on doing any work tonight but ended up staying up a couple extra hours tonight and getting some of the preliminary work done. My game is centered around a bubble, which if it touches anything, will die. I think that qualifies for the ‘can’t touch this’ theme. The basic point of the game is to stay alive as long as possible while objects are being throw randomly around you. I hope to add other effects/dynamics as well, but time will tell if that will happen. Here is a screenshot of what I have got going so far.


It is now midnight and I am going to sleep. Tomorrow all I have to do is go to the gym in the morning and the rest of the day I am free, so I am hoping to make a lot of progress.

May 13th, 2011 by Joe

The theme for the competition is the phrase “U can’t touch this”. I haven’t fully decided where I want to go with this. A couple ideas have come to mind.

  • Move objects from one location to another without touching them somehow
  • Enemies try to get to an object and you must protect it
  • A play on words, you literally can’t touch a ‘this’

I’m leaning toward the top two for now, mainly because the third one doesn’t really sound like it would be very fun. Community Challenge
May 11th, 2011 by Joe

I have decided to enter in the Community Challenge. It is basically a 72 hour game competition. The theme for the contest will be announced at noon on Friday, May 13th and the games must be submitted by Monday, May 16th at noon. I’ve never done any of the “make a game in a ridiculously short amount of time” competitions before, but they always seem like they would be fun to partake in. I’m also doing it as a way to motivate myself to complete something. I always tend to work on larger projects and it will be nice to work on something short and sweet.

I plan to document my progress on this blog starting on Saturday (probably won’t be able to do any work on Friday, other than brainstorming an idea). I’ll probably post my ideas and major milestones that I accomplish. In addition I will be recording a time-lapse of the entire thing so hopefully that turns out to be cool. 

Link to contest details

Boost Threads
Dec 21st, 2009 by Joe

I haven’t updated this site in a while, so I though I would post something not necessarily game related, but more or less programming related. If you do any c++ coding, I would strongly recommend you check out the boost libraries, if you haven’t already. I’ve been fooling around with several different libraries, but boost threads is one that stands out to me as exceptionally powerful, but at the same time very simple to use. Just to demonstrate how easy it is to use, I’ll post a basic code samples.

void Print()
	for(int i=0;i<10000;i++)
			std::cout << i << std::endl;

int main()
	boost::thread Thead1(&Print);
	boost::thread Thead2(&Print);
	std::cout << "Threads are both finished";
	return 0;

In that example, I created two threads that both run the Print() function, and the main thread waits for them to finish. You should really download the library, it is loaded with much better examples and goes into more details about mutexes and thread synchronization.

I know I haven’t posted any information about the game that I am working on, but I will probably have some information soon.

Syntax Highlighter Check
Jun 2nd, 2009 by admin

This is a test to see if the code highlighter works correctly.

public class Test


public Test(){}


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